Infinity's Body


Infinity’s body consists of an ornately embelished long sword, heavy shield and full suit of heavy armour. Anyone who dawns the armour is said to gain immense power, but at a terrible price.


Infinity, so the tale goes, was a supremely powerful and gifted mage who decided he’d had enough of the Maker, so Infinity cast a spell upon himself which made him bigger than the Maker himself. His body was so big that it stretched the expanse of the entire universe and as Infinity grew more and more each day the Maker questioned his existence, demanding an answer from him. “Do you wish to challenge our might!?” But Infinity did not answer, he merely kept on growing. The Maker, outraged by Infinity’s indifference decided to turn him into a walking prison so that he may never grow again. The Maker tore off his limbs one by one shouting, “This arm will become the double edged sword of your indifference! This arm, will become this shield which will represent your will to be indifferent! You’re body will be cast in iron and this suit of armour will be the prison that is your indifference! Never again will your body grow least all the people of the world make the same mistake.”, and with that the Maker threw Infinity’s now cold iron body back down to earth where the rest of the people would choose whether they wanted to question the Maker’s might.

Infinity's Body

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