Communication +1
Constitution +2
Cunning +2
Dexterity +4 (Bows)
Magic +0
Perception +2
Strength +3
Willpower +3

Speed: 11
Health: 38/38
Defense: 14
Armor Rating: 5

Armor (Novice): You can wear Leather and Mail with no penalty
Single Weapon (Novice): If you take an activate action, you gain a +1 to defense until you choose to end it
Archery (Novice): When you take an aim action, your bonus is +2
Thievery (Novice): If you fail a Dexterity (Lock Picking) check, you can reroll but must keep the new result

Heavy Leather Armor
Long Bow
Long Sword
Dagger *2
Quiver w/ 20 arrows
Light Mail
2 SP

Attacks Damage Bonus Range
Long Bow 1D6+7 4 32 Yards
Long Sword 2D6
3 3 N/A
Dagger 1D6
5 +4 N/A

Can speak/read trade tounge, speak elven


Askell was taken from his parents by the circle when he was very young. He was not to remember his family, he was not to have any connection with the outside world. Even though he inquired often, he was never told about his true home; like the other young boys and girls he needed to accept the fact that this stone tower, in which he now lived, was his home. Over the course of his childhood Askell never really did accept his new home, and to compensate he took to his daily studies spectacularly. He was an administrative voice within the circle by the time he was a teenager, a role model for the young and respected by the old. Askell’s seemingly contradictory-to-his-nature ambition, which was to one day find his true home, burned brightly wthin him, fueld by the new young lads who he saw constantly being brought in from the outside. Often he was tasked with baby sitting these new arrivals and mentoring them, however, ultimately he was the one learning from them. Eventually, due to the countless hours he spent day dreaming of a life he apparently didn’t diserve, Askell accumulated 8 months worth of solitary confinement. Finally, after he was freed from the circle by a hero he had only heard tales of, inspired, he took up arms, fighting for his fellow mages. Within about 6 months after the circle’s dissintegration he forged a band of young mages who waged war on their oppressors. Unfortunately, the group met it’s end when all but two were executed by the templar. Having just barely escaped death, or worse, Askell set back out on his path as a lost man, his talent forgotten by the world, his world unknown to him, in the hope that one day he would find his true home.


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