Devine Hebert

The former First Enchanter of Orlais


Do not mistake me for some dealer of paltry tricks, demon
I am Devine, the First Enchanter of Orlais
I have faced creatures more fearsome than those in the worst of your realms
Turn away lest I destroy you like the pest you are

Devine was the First Enchanter of Orlais before the mages revolted from the chantry, and has chosen to exercise his family’s resources to attain a tower in Greypond’s hightown. Since leaving the circle, not much is known of his activities however his past is littered with tales of his glory.
During his youth, Devine showed his prodigal skills early, and easily rose to the top of his class. There amongst the he remained until his first love, Thalos, came to the Orlais Circle, from the one in Ferelden. For the first time in his life, Devine had a rival, one who encouraged him to push the limits of his developing skills. They rivaled passionately for months, but one form of passion exchanged itself for another, and they soon became quick enamored with each other. Devine’s bubble was burst, when on his 17th birthday, he and his lover were brought to the harrowing. Devine passed the test with ease, Thalos however, was not so lucky. With the death of the first person he ever loved, Devine fell into a deep depression, and unbeknownst to Devine the Knight Commander appealed to have Devine killed, lest he become a powerful abomination in the throes of his depression.
However a visit from Marcine, Devine’s favorite Enchanter while he was studying pulled Devine from his depression, and he continued to complete great research, and fall in love once more. This time with a young elf mage named Ranelle. The two fell in love, in spite of their contrasting views on the circle. Ranelle was a libertarian – one who believes that the circle should have more independence, or in her case break apart altogether; Devine however, was a loyalist – believing that Mages should work closer with the chantry. When work came of the Circle’s uproar in Kirkwall, Ranelle lead the revolution against the Chantry. At first, Devine – now the First Enchanter – avoided this group with a major challenge between his personal life, and his professional one. However, eventually, love won out, and Devine joined the uprising. During the Battle Ranelle was killed, and Devine fell into a deep rage, using blood magic to kill the entire squadron of Templars. Now running from his past, Devine has locked himself away in his tower high.

Devine Hebert

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